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Employment-Based First Preference EB-1(a)

Extraordinary Ability

(Employer Sponsorship and Labor Certification Not Required)


The general requirement is that the individual should have risen to the “top of her/his field of endeavor.”


One of the major advantages of this category is that an employer is not required to sponsor this particular type of immigrant visa petition.


Our attorney has successfully convinced the USCIS that an applicant satisfies the criteria as a person of extraordinary ability. Examples are medical researchers/scholars, material researchers, outstanding engineers engaging in state-of-the-art frontier innovations that have significantly advanced the field as a whole. In many cases, our firm will submit multiple petitions in different categories for the applicant if his or her qualifications allow. This will increase the chance of a successful result especially in the case of nationals born in mainland China and India with such a visa availability backlog in the employment-based, second preference petitions.


We represent clients regarding simple and complicated employment-based immigration matters

before the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service.


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